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Visit The Exploratorium San Francisco Today!

Have you ever wondered where science, art, and our senses meet? Find out at The Exploratorium in . It's not just any museum; it's a place that makes you think in new ways. It's a spot that asks you to look beyond what you know.

The Exploratorium has more than 650 hands-on displays. They cover everything from physics to biology. And you can explore indoors and outdoors. It's a perfect place for those who love to learn by doing.

Don't miss the Tactile Dome. It's a unique experience in total darkness. You'll use only your hands to find your way. Are you up for a challenge?

It doesn't matter if science is your thing or if you just love to learn. The Exploratorium is a spot you can't miss. So, plan your visit, dive into the exhibits, and get ready to be amazed.

Explore Interactive Exhibits at The Exploratorium

The Exploratorium is filled with over 650 interactive exhibits that focus on science. You get to try out physics, biology, chemistry, and how we perceive things.

Learn about physics by playing with light and sound. Discover electricity, magnetism, and how things move. In the biology section, check out life's details through hands-on exhibits. They cover topics from the human body to global ecosystems.

Every exhibit lets you learn by doing. It's both fun and educational, perfect for anyone—kids and adults alike. Dive into experiments, watch science happen, and play with new tech to understand more about our world.

Visit the Interactive Light and Sound exhibit to make cool visuals and control sound. The Biozone is great for exploring Earth's life forms through interactive fun. At the Chemistry of Color exhibit, you can mix colors and dive into the world of pigments.

These hands-on experiences are fun and encourage a love for science. The Exploratorium in San Francisco is a great place to get into natural wonders and want to learn more.

Step into The Exploratorium for an interactive science adventure. It's a fun, engaging, and educational visit for everyone.

Experience the Tactile Dome at The Exploratorium

The Tactile Dome at The Exploratorium, in San Francisco, is outstanding. It's famous worldwide. This exhibit leads you through total darkness. Here, you use only your sense of touch.

You walk through twisting paths and feel different textures. The experience is fully immersive and inspiring. It invites everyone, young and old, to see the world in a unique way.

Immerse Yourself in Darkness

Step into complete darkness at the Tactile Dome. Here, you won't see anything. You must use your hands and feet to feel your way through.

As you move on, expect to find all kinds of textures and shapes. It's a unique challenge that makes you curious about the world around you.

A Multisensory Exploration

The Dome engages all your senses at once. While touching things, you might feel coolness, roughness, or smoothness. These sensations are different yet exciting.

And, that's not all. You'll also hear various sounds as you go. They add to the adventure, making it a truly mind-stimulating experience.

“The Tactile Dome at The Exploratorium is an incredible experience. It makes you explore the world in a new way, without the use of sight. It's all about discovering through touch. And getting away from the usual distractions.” – Visitor testimonial

An Activity for All

Kids, teens, and adults love the Tactile Dome. It's for the whole family. And it's not just fun. It's educational too.

It's a chance to learn about our sense of touch and how it shapes our world view. This activity sparks curiosity and creativity in everyone.

Benefits of the Tactile Dome Age Range Duration
Enhances tactile perception All ages Approximately 20 minutes
Ignites curiosity and exploration All ages Varies depending on individual pace
Promotes sensory awareness All ages Varies depending on individual experience

When you visit, don't miss the Tactile Dome. It's a journey like no other. You will leave with a better touch appreciation. And a deeper love for exploring the unseen.

Plan Your Visit to The Exploratorium

Before visiting The Exploratorium in San Francisco, planning is key. Be sure to look at important tips for a smooth visit. This way, you can make the most of your time at the science museum.

Opening Hours and Website

Don't forget to check The Exploratorium‘s website for current open hours. These may change, so it's smart to look before you go. The site also has info on things like special events and shows.

“The Exploratorium's website provides detailed information on opening hours, special events, and exhibitions.”

Admission and Ticketing

Admission to The Exploratorium depends on your age and if you're a member. Prices range from $12.95 to $39.95. You should buy your tickets early to avoid missing out. There are also discounts for teachers, students, and program members, which are great to use.

“Purchase your tickets in advance to secure your entry and enjoy special rates available for teachers, students, and program members.”

Location and Accessibility

The Exploratorium sits on Pier 15 in San Francisco, in a prime spot. This makes it easy for both residents and visitors to reach. You can choose to get there by bike, public transport, or car very easily.

Santiago Bernabeu: Stadium TourSantiago Bernabeu: Stadium Tour

“Easily accessible on Pier 15, The Exploratorium is a must-visit attraction in San Francisco for both locals and tourists.”

Admission Adult (18-64) Senior (65+) Child (4-12) Member
General Admission $29.95 $24.95 $19.95 $0 (Included)
After Dark $19.95 N/A N/A $0 (Included)
Membership $99/year $79/year $59/year N/A

Table: Admission Prices for The Exploratorium

The Exploratorium is full of cool exhibits and fun activities. It's in a great location in San Francisco too. So, start planning your trip and get ready to discover lots of interesting things there.

The Exploratorium Exhibit

Membership Benefits at The Exploratorium

Becoming a member of The Exploratorium is full of perks. You get unlimited visits to Pier 15 during the day. There's also VIP time just for members, and discounts on stuff to buy and food.

Memberships start at $14.95. They're a great deal for checking out cool exhibits and learning programs. Plus, you're helping out the museum's mission and joining a group of science lovers.

With your membership, exploring is hassle-free. Spend as much time as you like enjoying the interactive exhibits. Your membership means you can visit whenever. It's a chance to really get into science.

Forget about paying every time you want to visit. Your membership includes special VIP hours. This means less crowd and more time to really soak up the experience.

“Being a member of The Exploratorium has been an amazing experience. I love having the freedom to explore the museum whenever I want and taking advantage of the VIP hours. It's truly a unique and educational venue that never fails to inspire and intrigue me.” – Elizabeth, Exploratorium Member

There are discounts for members, too. Save on shopping and eating at The Exploratorium. A great way to get a memento or enjoy a meal while supporting the museum's work.

Joining The Exploratorium means access to top-notch exhibitions. You also join a group that loves science like you. You get to share your excitement at special events and have fun learning with others.

Join The Exploratorium for a place to always explore, with special access and great connections.

After Dark Events at The Exploratorium

Looking for a unique night out in San Francisco? The After Dark events at The Exploratorium are just for adults. These events are made for people 18 and over. They offer a mature and thought-provoking atmosphere.

Each event has its own theme, which lets you explore interesting topics. You can join in talks like “Intelligence Design” to fun nights like “The Science of Cocktails.” They mix interactive displays, art shows, and science discussions. Plus, there's a DJ to keep the night lively.

Being an Exploratorium member means you can visit these events anytime. But if you're not a member, you can still come by buying a ticket. This means everyone has a chance to enjoy these cool events.

These events are perfect for having fun, meeting new people, and learning in a cool place. They are for those who love science, art, or just want a different experience in the city. The After Dark events at The Exploratorium are really awesome.

Upcoming After Dark Event: Mindful Excavation

The next After Dark event is called “Mindful Excavation” at The Exploratorium. It's about the relationship between being mindful and science. You'll explore yourself and how mindfulness works.

Date: Thursday, September 23rd
Time: 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Location: The Exploratorium, San Francisco

At “Mindful Excavation,” join meditation sessions and look at interactive displays about mindfulness. You'll also talk to experts. The goal is to learn more about your mind and how mindfulness can help you be well.

“Mindful Excavation is a unique blend of science and self-reflection. By combining interactive exhibits and meditation practices, we hope to provide an experience that encourages deeper self-awareness and connection.” – Dr. Sarah Morrison, Neuroscientist

Already meditate or just curious? “Mindful Excavation” is a great way to see how science and mindfulness meet. It's a chance for personal growth through art and science.

Dive into the Tactile Dome at The Exploratorium After Dark

At The Exploratorium's After Dark events, get ready for a unique journey through the Tactile Dome. This iconic adventure is exclusive to the museum. You'll navigate a path of twists and turns in the dark, using only your hands to guide you.

This experience mixes fun with education, pulling you out of your comfort zone. It lets you explore in a way that's both thrilling and enlightening.

The Tactile Dome at The Exploratorium After Dark is a special treat. It features lower ticket prices, making it easier to enjoy. Every step and touch in the darkness leads to unexpected discoveries, testing your wits and sparking your interest.

This activity is a fresh take on learning, all while in the dark. It's a prime example of engaging learning that brings you closer to the world around us.

Be it your first visit or you're back for more at The Exploratorium, the Tactile Dome will wow you. Its blend of adventure and education breaks museum norms. Jump at the chance to dive into a unique way of exploring and understanding with your hands.

Special Dates and Times at The Exploratorium

The Exploratorium is a famous science museum in San Francisco. It provides a unique experience all year round. Being aware of special dates and times is key for a great visit. This includes closures for fundraising, holidays, and other important events. To not miss anything, check the museum's website. This way, you can dive into the world of science and fun in San Francisco.

Inside St Paul’s Cathedral: A Virtual TourInside St Paul’s Cathedral: A Virtual Tour

Check out these important times to remember:

  1. Fundraising events: The Exploratorium may close or change its schedule for these activities. These events help educational projects and new exhibits. Make sure to look up details and plan your visit accordingly.
  2. Holidays: The museum might have different hours or be closed on holidays. Always check the schedule before heading to The Exploratorium.
  3. Other occasions: Special events like science festivals or new exhibits happen too. Keep up-to-date on these to have a great visit.

Knowing about these key dates can make sure you enjoy your time at The Exploratorium in San Francisco.

Date Event Operating Hours
May 15, 2022 Fundraising Gala Closed for public
July 4, 2022 Independence Day 10am – 5pm
November 24, 2022 Thanksgiving Closed for public

Remember to mark your calendar for The Exploratorium in San Francisco. Plan your visit well to enjoy all the fun events and activities this museum offers.

Visitor Programs and Discounts at The Exploratorium

When you visit The Exploratorium in San Francisco, you can get in at a better price thanks to different programs and discounts. These offers are for many people, making this museum a top pick among places to visit in the Bay Area.

The Discover & Go Library Program is one such example. It lets select visitors get in for free or less by partnering with local libraries. Anyone can borrow a pass and enter to explore the hands-on exhibits and activities.

The Community Family Pass Program also stands out. It allows community groups to bring families for free, encouraging learning and fun adventures. This removes money as a hurdle, making sure everyone can enjoy and learn together at The Exploratorium.

If you're part of the Association of Science-Technology Centers, you're in luck. The Exploratorium takes part in the ASTC Passport Program, offering free or cheaper entry to members of other participating venues. This way, The Exploratorium connects with other educational places to bring great experiences to more people.

Moreover, The Exploratorium provides special deals for groups of 15 or more. This is perfect for school trips or organized visits. It highlights the museum's dedication to education for all, especially in group settings.

By using these programs and discounts, visitors can make the most of their time at The Exploratorium. Not only does this make the museum more budget-friendly, but it also ensures that everyone can enjoy and learn from its interactive and educational features.

Benefits of Visitor Programs and Discounts:

  • Increased accessibility to The Exploratorium for diverse groups
  • Opportunity for families to enjoy an educational outing at a reduced cost
  • Enhanced collaboration with local libraries and community organizations
  • Connectivity with other science centers and museums through the ASTC Passport Program
  • Discounted rates for group visits, making The Exploratorium a popular choice for field trips and educational outings

Sightseeing in San Francisco with The Exploratorium

If you're heading to San Francisco, The Exploratorium is a must-see. And here's some good news: you can save on tickets with certain passes. CityPASS® and Go City® San Francisco Passes let you in for less at The Exploratorium and other great spots in town.

These passes let you see lots of places over a few days, fitting your visit around your schedule. For anyone, they're a smart way to dive into the heart of San Francisco's culture and nature, without breaking the bank.

CityPASS®: Discover San Francisco’s Iconic Sights

CityPASS® is great for anyone who wants to hit the city's top spots. This pass means you can visit The Exploratorium, the Golden Gate Park, and more, for a lot less.

Attractions Included Price (Adult) Price (Child)
The Exploratorium $29 $19
The Golden Gate Park $55 $25
The California Academy of Sciences $39 $29
The Aquarium of the Bay $29 $19

With CityPASS®, you could save up to 49% on entrance. So, see these on your own time, all for a great price.

Go City® San Francisco Pass: Ultimate Flexibility

Want to see tons of San Francisco without limits? The Go City® San Francisco Pass is what you need. Over 25 cool spots, including The Exploratorium, are yours to explore.

Attractions Included Price (Adult) Price (Child)
Over 25 popular attractions* $79 $69

This pass lets you pick what to see and saves you up to 60%. Plus, you're free to go at your pace and really dive into San Francisco.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to explore San Francisco's top attractions, including The Exploratorium, while saving money with bundled passes. CityPASS® and Go City® San Francisco Pass offer incredible discounts and provide a convenient way to create your own sightseeing itinerary. Whether you're interested in science, art, history, or nature, these passes ensure you make the most of your visit to the Bay Area.

Get ready for a journey filled with discovery and awe at The Exploratorium. With your CityPASS® or Go City® San Francisco Pass in hand, start your amazing exploration of this beautiful city!

the exploratorium san francisco

How to Get to The Exploratorium

Getting to The Exploratorium is simple, no matter how you travel. It's at Pier 15 on the Embarcadero in San Francisco. This means it's easy to reach by bike, public transport, or car.

Love biking? There are bike racks at the museum. You can lock your bike up and enjoy your visit.

Take public transport? The Embarcadero BART station is close. San Francisco's transport system will get you right there.

Driving in? There are lots of parking spots near the museum. Finding a spot won't be hard.

For more info on how to get there, check out The Exploratorium's website. It'll make your trip to this amazing museum hassle-free.

After Dark Event: Intelligence Design at The Exploratorium

Join us at The Exploratorium for a special event, “Intelligence Design.” It's hosted by John Maeda, a famous Osher Fellow. During this event, we'll explore how design and artificial intelligence meet.

Get ready to try out new exhibit prototypes that are linked with machine learning. This event is a mix of art and science. You'll see and try the latest in artificial intelligence research.

The After Dark events at The Exploratorium are always unique. At “Intelligence Design,” you'll find a mix of art and science that's truly inspiring. It's in San Francisco. This unforgettable event will spark your imagination in new ways.

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