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Discover Art & Culture at The Broad L.A. Today!

Did you know The Broad L.A. stands out in the contemporary art world? It's a top choice for art lovers worldwide.

The museum boasts a vast fine art collection and amazing architecture. It's a go-to place for those who love contemporary art.

Plan your visit to The Broad L.A. for a unique look at the art scene. It's a chance to see famous artists' work. The museum offers beauty and creativity for all, from collectors to anyone curious about art.

Keith Haring: Art Is for Everybody Exhibition

Discover Keith Haring's world at The Broad's new exhibition. It's the first museum show in just for him. The exhibit features over 120 works, showing off his unique style and famous characters.

You'll see Haring's rich colors and bold lines up close. His art ranges from sketches in subway stations to huge murals in cities. Each artwork speaks about art and changes people want to see in society.

This show is a chance to learn about his different types of art, like videos and sculptures. You'll also peek into his life through his own writings.

“Art should be something that liberates your soul, provokes the imagination, and encourages people to go further.” – Keith Haring

See how Haring joined important causes in the exhibit. He worked on issues like saving the Earth and fighting diseases. He believed his art could bring people together and make positive change.

A Journey Through Haring’s Iconography

Walk into Haring's creative world and meet his famous figures. Whether it's the dancing man or the glowing baby, his symbols are meaningful. They show his lasting impact with art that speaks to everyone.

Art as a Catalyst for Change

Witness Haring's art making a stand on big issues. He used his creativity to talk about nuclear peace and ending unfair laws. His art isn't just beautiful; it's a voice for hope and action.

The Keith Haring: Art Is for Everybody Exhibition at The Broad is a place to get inspired. It's perfect for both art fans and anyone looking to explore his influential work. This is a chance to see a truly extraordinary artist's creations.

Major Works and Loans

The Broad showcases Keith Haring's artworks in a special exhibition. It has works from their collection and loans from others. Notable pieces include:

  1. Untitled, 1984
  2. Red Room, 1988

These pieces show Haring's unique style and his understanding of the era. The exhibition also includes materials from the Keith Haring Foundation. This adds to the viewers' understanding of Haring's life and impact.

Visitors can see immersive elements in the exhibition. They can enter a gallery lit by blacklight to experience Haring's art. Playlists by Haring enhance the visit, offering a unique way to explore his work.

“Keith Haring's works are not only visually captivating but also carry immense cultural significance. Through this exhibition, we aim to bring together some of his major works and loans, providing a comprehensive perspective on his artistic genius. The immersive elements add an extra layer of engagement, allowing visitors to truly immerse themselves in Haring's vibrant and thought-provoking world.”

The Broad's exhibition allows a deep dive into Keith Haring's art. It features his main works, loans, and engaging experiences. This offers a special chance to understand Haring's art more deeply.

Keith Haring Foundation: Preserving a Legacy

The Keith Haring Foundation's loans show their dedication to keeping Haring's legacy alive. It's key to preserving his art and aiding education. Working with The Broad enhances viewers' understanding of Haring. It helps people appreciate his contributions to art.

Explore the impact of Keith Haring's art at The Broad and get lost in his colorful world.

Related Programs

Discover engaging programs at The Broad with the Keith Haring exhibition. They provide insights into contemporary art and honor Haring's legacy.

The Un-Private Collection

Attend The Un-Private Collection, where guests peek into The Broad's contemporary art. At a unique event, Bill T. Jones and Brad Gooch will talk about Haring's life and art. It's a chance to learn more about this legendary artist.

Summer Happenings

Step into the lively 1980s East Village scene with Summer Happenings. Visit Club 57, where Haring was active, for live shows, movies, and art. These celebrate the art and culture of that time.

Explore the Frontier at Autry Museum L.A.Explore the Frontier at Autry Museum L.A.

Don't miss the event celebrating 50 years of hip-hop, which inspired Haring. It highlights hip-hop's impact on society and the arts. Join in with artists and musicians who will commemorate hip-hop's influence.

Summer Happenings

The Summer Happenings dive into the 1980s scene at Club 57. You'll see live shows, movies, and art that capture the era's excitement. Plus, a special celebration marks 50 years of hip-hop, a key influence for Haring. Artists and musicians will showcase hip-hop's connection to art and society. It's a unique chance to experience the influence of this cultural movement.

Joanne Heyler: Founding Director and President

Joanne Heyler holds a key position at The Broad in Los Angeles. She is its founding director and president. Her goal is to make contemporary art easy to approach for everyone. Heyler uses fresh and open ways to lead the museum.

At The Broad, Heyler was essential in its design. She worked with architects to build a great space for art. Her focus on creating diverse exhibitions and events makes the museum vibrant and interesting for all.

Heyler is known for curating shows that highlight social justice. Her work brings life-changing art experiences to Los Angeles. Outside The Broad, she oversees The Broad Art Foundation. This organization supports the arts both locally and across the U.S.

Heyler's innovative ideas have made The Broad a center of modern art in Los Angeles. She gives artists a platform. And visitors, a way to connect with art that changes how they see the world.

Key Contributions and Achievements

  • Founding director and president of The Broad, a world-class contemporary art museum in Los Angeles
  • Curates exhibitions with a focus on social justice, bringing groundbreaking shows to Los Angeles
  • Oversaw the development of The Broad, collaborating with architectural designers to create an optimal museum experience
  • Leads The Broad Art Foundation, making significant contributions to the visual arts locally and nationally

“I believe that contemporary art has the power to provoke thought, spark conversations, and inspire change. At The Broad, we strive to create an inclusive and engaging museum experience that connects with diverse audiences and fosters a deeper appreciation for contemporary art.” – Joanne Heyler

Notable Exhibitions Curated by Joanne Heyler

Exhibition Description
Unpacking the Vault: Recent Acquisitions An exploration of The Broad's growing collection, featuring recent acquisitions that highlight emerging and established artists.
Art and Activism A thought-provoking exhibition showcasing artists who use their work as a medium for social and political change.
Boundaries and Beyond An examination of the concept of boundaries in contemporary art, pushing the limits of traditional artistic practices.

Joanne Heyler's leadership at The Broad has made it a top museum in Los Angeles. She's committed to an open and engaging museum for all. Her work in curating shows leaves a mark on the city's culture.

The Broad Architecture

The Broad's building is a wonder by itself. It's made by Diller Scofidio + Renfro. This museum is a key place in downtown Los Angeles, adding to the city's beauty. The building's special design adds to the joy of visiting The Broad.

Architectural Marvel in Downtown Los Angeles

The Broad shows off new ideas and creative thinking in its architecture. In the heart of Los Angeles, its sleek lines and modern look draw everyone's eye. Thanks to Diller Scofidio + Renfro, The Broad's design is not just a building; it's a work of art. It makes the city feel more alive.

“The Broad's architecture is a visual representation of the contemporary art it houses, striking a harmonious balance between the museum and its surroundings.” – Architectural Review

A Unique Visitor Experience

The architecture of The Broad is all about making visitors feel special. It lets in lots of natural light, making a welcoming space. As people move through the museum, they find that they're connected to the art. This design helps people understand and enjoy the modern art at The Broad even more.

A Landmark in Contemporary Architecture

“The Broad's architectural design is an art piece in itself, attracting both art enthusiasts and architecture aficionados from around the world.” – Los Angeles Times

The design of The Broad puts it at the top in modern architecture. Its unique look and fresh ideas show the best of Los Angeles. The museum is a symbol of the city's love for art and culture. It's a bright part of LA's art scene.

Architect Design Firm Location Style
Diller Scofidio + Renfro Diller Scofidio + Renfro Downtown Los Angeles Contemporary

Infinity Mirror Rooms by Yayoi Kusama

The Broad is thrilled to present two amazing Infinity Mirror Rooms by Yayoi Kusama. These rooms are full of breathtaking art that you won't find anywhere else. They lead you into a place where reflections go on forever. It's truly wondrous.

Yayoi Kusama is known for her unique art style. Her Infinity Mirror Rooms draw people from all over the world. Inside, you'll see endless reflections of LED lights. This plays with space and light to make you feel like you're in a limitless world.

The Broad is happy to include Kusama's works in its modern art collection. These Infinity Mirror Rooms show how dedicated the museum is to new and engaging art. Make sure you see them when you visit The Broad.

Explore the Infinity Mirror Rooms:

  • Infinity Mirrored Room – The Souls of Millions of Light Years Away
  • Longing for Eternity

Every Infinity Mirror Room is a one-of-a-kind journey. They take you to a place where time and space are different. Enjoy the magical scenes and the feeling of being surrounded by endless light and reflections.

Visitor Information

Planning a visit to The Broad? Here's what you need for a great time. Learn all you need to make your visit easy and fun.

Free Admission and Ticket Booking

Completely free general admission is a top reason to visit The Broad. You can see all the amazing contemporary art for no cost. Just keep in mind, special exhibitions may require a separate ticket.

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Thinking ahead? Booking your tickets online makes things smoother. You'll jump the queue and get in when you want. This means less wait and more time with the art.

Museum Hours

The Broad welcomes art lovers and first-timers with its open days and hours. Here's when you can stop by:

Day Opening Hours
Monday Closed
Tuesday 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Wednesday 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Thursday 11:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Friday 11:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Saturday 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Sunday 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Remember: On holidays, hours may change. It's smart to check the website before visiting.

Exploring LA or just passing through? The Broad is a must-see for both locals and visitors. With free entry, online ticket options, and varied hours, your visit can be truly memorable. Come during regular hours to fully enjoy the experience of contemporary art.

Museum Shop

At The Broad, the museum shop offers a wide variety of art, books, and unique items. You can take home a part of The Broad's contemporary art scene. It's a special chance to explore and buy from artwork inspired by the museum's shows and collection.

Keith Haring's lively and bold art is a big hit at The Broad right now. His art is perfect for adding creative flair to any space. You can find everything from prints to posters, all featuring Haring's iconic style.

The museum shop is a dream for both art lovers and bookworms. It stocks books on contemporary art filled with stunning images and deep insights. Explore more about The Broad's artists and exhibitions, and get fuel for your own creative journey.

“The Pop Shop, which I opened in 1986, was my way of proving, not just saying, that art is for everyone.”

Enter the amazing world of The Pop Shop through The Broad's museum shop. Inspired by Keith Haring's own creative shop, it believes that art should be easy for everyone to enjoy. Here, you can meet other art lovers or find a unique gift that's full of art's energy.

Looking for a souvenir from your Broad adventure? The museum shop has you covered, whether it's a Haring-inspired tote, a poster, or unique jewelry. There's something here for every art fan.

The museum shop at The Broad offers a memorable end to your visit. Diving into the world of contemporary art, you can pick up a keepsake that will always remind you of your time here.

Museum Events

The Broad Museum puts on many fun events for everyone to enjoy. These events make your trip special. The Summer Happenings is one such series. You get to be there after the usual hours, seeing art and special shows up close.

At Summer Happenings, you'll love exploring. The Broad and its Keith Haring exhibit make art come alive. You'll see art in new ways, making you love contemporary art even more.

Picture this: walking around the museum when it's dark outside, with art all around you. The museum is full of life, with shows, art, and fun. It's a great night out for art fans and anyone looking for something different. Don't miss it!

You'll get to see Keith Haring's famous art, like colorful characters and big, bold murals. And there's more! You also get to visit special spots in the exhibit, with UV lights and music picked by Haring.

Also, The Broad has many events all year. You can go to talks, workshops, and see famous artists perform. These events show you more about modern art and help you connect with the museum's art better.

To not miss out, keep checking The Broad's website for what's next. Put the dates on your calendar. Get ready for amazing art and creative fun.Museum Events

Upcoming Museum Events:

Date Event
June 15, 2022 Summer Happenings: Club 57
July 20, 2022 Summer Happenings: 50th Anniversary of Hip-Hop
August 17, 2022 Artist Talk: Keith Haring's Influence on Contemporary Art
September 10, 2022 Workshop: Exploring Keith Haring's Techniques

Plan Your Visit to The Broad L.A.

Planning to visit The Broad L.A. means a great time ahead. This museum sits in Los Angeles, showcasing modern art that's breathtaking and inspiring.

Do check their site before going. It has info on hours and lets you buy tickets early. It makes your visit smoother and more enjoyable.

Once in, enjoy the amazing collection at your own pace. There are vibrant paintings and cool installations to see. Make sure not to miss the Infinity Mirror Rooms by Yayoi Kusama. They're magical and quite the experience.

Don't forget to stop by the museum shop. It's full of unique art pieces and museum-inspired goods. Great spot for a keepsake from your trip.

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Keep an eye out for museum events. There are special shows and late-night visits that make your day even better. The Summer Happenings series is a highlight, with unique ways to engage in art.

So, ready for a dive into the art world? Plan your trip to The Broad L.A. It's a top spot for art lovers and anyone keen to learn and explore, with its amazing exhibits, visitor perks, and fun events.

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